Areas of Expertise

Risk and Safety

  • Risk Assessment Body (AsBo) for the areas of vehicles, safety technology (signalling and train control systems) and railway operations in the context of the aforementioned areas (decision of Swiss Federal Office of Transport, 19.07.2017, downloadable at the bottom of this page)
  • Risk assessments, e.g. in case of derogations from valid rules or standards
  • Safety validations
  • Risk assessments / safety assessments according to CSM, RTE 49100, EN 50126 etc.
  • Consulting and audit of safety management systems
  • Consulting about safety certificats
  • Safety audits

Link between Technology and Railway Operations

  • Railway operation rules
  • Applied railway reglementation
  • Train preparation (technical conditions and process)
  • Train dynamics / derailment safety
  • Signalling
  • Interaction railway undertaking – infrastructure (technically and operationally)
  • Questions about man-machine interface
  • Accident investigations

Brake technology and Braking Operations

  • Assessment of braking performance of vehicles according to UIC 544 1 (european normal gauge) and AB EBV (swiss reglementation for meter and special gauge railways)
  • Braking curves for train control systems (ETCS and ZBMS)
  • Overlap distances (swiss RTE 25011)
  • Conception and technical management of brake tests
  • Interaction braking – signalling / train control systems
  • Conception of speed increase projects and the necessary safety validations (including braking performance and other issues)
  • Signalling distances (swiss RTE 29100 and others)
  • Braking tables
  • Braking reglementation
  • Optimisation and innovation in operations, monitoring and maintenance of brake systems

Education und Documentation Support

  • Education modules in the areas of expertise, among others module „braking operations“ in CAS education Safety Installations (CAS SA) at the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland in Fribourg CH
  • Review of technical reports, user manuals and documentations of all kinds
  • Editorial consulting for technical documentations
  • Linguistic support / translations of technical documents (from French or English to German)

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